The Ultimate List of Texting and Messaging Ideas

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Need Texting and Messaging Ideas? Simply Use One Of The 330 Text Messaging Ideas We’ve Put Together For You… And Never Run Out Of Ideas Again!

  • 22 edgy messages you can send her to set yourself apart from the pack of guys who could be trying to get her...
  • 15 challenging messages you can send her that’ll make her think twice about not responding when you text her...
  • 14 creative messages you can use to re-initiate contact comfortably so she feels like you’ve never been apart…
  • 15 confident messages you can send to ask her out in a relaxed way…
  • Plus… learn the “idea multiplier” method that transforms a single message idea into five…

"When men need messaging ideas this is our "go-to" document. I guarantee you’ll never be at a loss for messaging ideas again! Download it and use it… it works!"

-Jake P, Creator,

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